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Managed IT

Managed IT Services

Network Management

Maintenance and monitoring of network infrastructure.

Server Management

Ongoing server support and proactive maintenance.

Desktop and Laptop Device Management

Support for all end-user devices including updates and security management.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Solutions to ensure data integrity and availability in case of disasters.

Help Desk

Technical Support for all end users

Cyber Security Services

Managed Firewall

Continuous firewall operation, monitoring, and threat management.

Endpoint Security

Comprehensive protection for all endpoints including anti-virus, EDR, Ransomware detection, and patch management.

Email Security

Protection against phishing, spam, and other malicious email threats.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Monitoring and responding to potential security threats.

Penetration Testing

Regular scanning and reporting of security vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness Training

Employee training programs on security best practices and threat awareness.

Cloud Services

Cloud Backup

Automated cloud backup solutions to protect critical data.

Cloud Migration Services

Support and management services for cloud transition.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Virtual Machines
Storage Solutions
Networking Services

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Application Hosting
Database Management
Development Tools

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Email and Collaboration Tools (e.g., Microsoft 365, Google Workspace)
CRM Systems (e.g., Salesforce)
ERP Solutions

Strategic IT Consulting

IT Roadmapping

Strategic planning aligning IT infrastructure with business goals.

Compliance Consulting

Assistance in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

Performance Monitoring

Analysis and optimization of IT systems performance.

Budget Planning and Cost Analysis

IT budget management and cost efficiency planning.

Communication Services

Unified Communications

Solutions integrating voice, video, chat, and other communications channels.

Project Management and Implementation

Project Planning and Management

Expert management of IT projects from inception to completion.

IT Deployment Services

Smooth deployment of new technologies and systems.

Additional Services

Hardware Procurement and Management

Assistance with selection, purchase, and management of IT hardware.

Documentation and Reporting

Detailed documentation and regular reporting for IT and security processes.

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